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We Published an Offensive Headline, and We’re Sorry

An apology to readers.

By Zach Dundas October 18, 2017

When our 2017 Best Restaurants issue went live online, we used a digital headline for our story on Güero Sandwiches intended to satirize the divisive, often abhorrent political rhetoric of our time. (The restaurant, just to be clear about our underlying point, is a vibrant place that testifies to the life-affirming value of diverse urban culture and makes really, really good sandwiches.)

The headline—which read "Build That Wall (of Delicious Sandwiches)"—caused pain and confusion rather than amusement. Readers brought this to our attention, and we're grateful for that. We changed the digital headline yesterday (such language did not appear in print). Upon reflection (and as the one responsible for the attempted joke), I realize that an apology for that pain and confusion is warranted. We’re sorry. Our mission is to challenge and celebrate our city, and we fell short this time.

Now and always, if you have feedback or concerns about our coverage, we want to hear from you. Write me ([email protected]) or any other member of our editorial team.

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