Mayor Seeking Mayor

These Two Oregon Mayors Got Married

Finally, a spouse who understands your job.

By Hannah Bonnie November 20, 2017 Published in the December 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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Krisanna Clark and George Endicott

It would make a great sitcom.

Mayor Krisanna Clark (Sherwood) and Mayor George Endicott (Redmond) know that you can find love anywhere—including a mayor’s conference. During the 2015 Oregon Mayors Association Summer Conference in Cottage Grove, mayor Phil Houk (Pendleton) introduced the two. Both had lost their spouses to cancer—Endicott, only eight months before.

“Krisanna was able to tell me, ‘You know, year one is bad. But year two is worse,’” he says. “Think about it: in year one, everyone is sympathetic. But in year two and beyond, they’ve moved on, but you haven’t.” The two were a match. This July, in a surprise on-site ceremony after the conference, Houk married Clark and Endicott in front of 75 other mayors. Asked whether being married to a fellow mayor has any actual benefits, the couple laughs. “All mayors, particularly in the same county, will call each other constantly,” says Clark, who resigned as Sherwood’s mayor in the fall and has moved to Redmond. “It’s a great way to exchange ideas that make both of our communities better.” Adds Endicott: “But, of course, in Redmond, we’re much more efficient.”

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