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Dare We Hope for a Good Year for the Trail Blazers?

2018 disappointed. Will 2019 be any better? Their season kicks off October 18.

By Sam Pape October 17, 2018 Published in the November 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

Oct 18

Opening night of the 2018–19 season at the Moda Center, when the Trail Blazers face the LA Lakers


Number of wins (out of 82 games) the team earned in the 2017–18 season


Number of wins projected for upcoming regular season by an ESPN statistical analysis


Number of consecutive postseason losses since the team’s last playoff victory, in May 2016


Deal signed with new shooting guard Seth Curry (Steph’s brother), one of four offseason additions to the Blazers’ roster


Number of teams with a worse offseason grade than the Blazers, who earned a “C” from USA Todaythe Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers


The previous season’s ranking, out of 30 NBA teams, of the Blazers’ assists per game (19.5 on average)


Size of his Adidas shoes star Damian Lillard gave away from a U-Haul truck at Irving Park this summer to eager young fans


Chances we’ll feel better about the new season if Lillard keeps up his fun-loving antics

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