Hidden Portland: Insider Tips

4 Portlanders Reveal Their Favorite Haunts

From a members-only flower market to an Oregon City burrito joint, here's where these locals like to hang.

By Margaret Seiler and Eden Dawn December 21, 2018 Published in the January 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Portland Flower Market

Image: Eden Dawn

Naomi Pomeroy’s Favorite Store You Can’t Go To

How do florists stock their shops all year long? It’s partly thanks to the members-only Portland Flower Market on Swan Island, where seven wholesale flower sellers have coolers full of everything from anthuriums to zinnias. “We come three times a week if not more,” says Colibri owner Naomi Pomeroy, while loading her car up with beebalm and tree peony pods. “We try to be bold and take big risks in mixing things.” —ED

The Fire Chief’s Favorite Fireplace

Two and a half years into his stint leading Portland Fire & Rescue, Mike Myers has found at least one fire his department doesn’t need to put out: at McMenamins Blue Moon Tavern. A safety screen protects surrounding diners from sparks, there’s an extinguisher in arm’s reach, and a sign warns patrons not to feed the fire themselves from the stacks of wood—tipsy ones still try sometimes, staff report. —MS

Tony Iyke’s Top Oregon City Haunts

As the end of the Oregon Trail, the OC was the OG Willamette Valley metropolis. It still holds enough hidden gems to be a destination—from across town, if not the country. In-demand suit maker Tony Iyke doesn’t have to go far from his downtown Oregon City studio, the House of Rose, for some of those finds. Lunch? Super Torta, “a great little hole-in-the-wall burrito joint,” says Iyke. After he hangs up his measuring tape for the day? The family-owned, “super quaint” wine bar Nebbiolo. MS

Dan Saltzman’s Secret Hideout

Where do you go after you wrap up a fifth term on Portland City Council, a tenure not matched in the past half-century? Palm Springs? Disneyland? Mary’s Club? If you’re Dan Saltzman, retirement means more time in the archaeology aisles of Powell’s Red Room. “He’s quite a crazy guy, that Dan Saltzman,” says Matthew Grumm, the commish’s final chief of staff. —MS

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