The Timbers Are Bringing Back Thirsty Thursdays—Sort Of

There will be $2 hot dogs and $5 Coors Lights during Wednesday and Thursday games this season.

By Marty Patail May 1, 2019

Back in the heady days of 2008, when MLS was still a few years away, there were two truly great features about going to Timbers games.

Firstly, you could casually stroll into the stadium (then called PGE Park) five minutes before the game and still easily find a spot in the North End. That hasn't been possible since April 2011, when the team entered MLS and the Timbers Army started packing the stands two hours before kickoff. Secondly, there were Thirsty Thursdays—a glorious, foggily-remembered end-of-the-week treat where watery Buds and Bud Lights only cost a buck. You were only allowed two beers per trip, but there was plenty of room to stockpile more under your seat. Since 2011, beer prices have steadily increased to $10.50 for a large micro. 

Today, the Timbers announced they're bringing a version of that legendary pre-Great Recession deal back. During four Timbers games and two Thorns games taking place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the team will offer $5, 16 oz Coors Lights. Additionally, there will be $2 hot dogs and $2 nachos. 

The new "Park Pricing" option will be available on Thursday, July 18 (Orlando City), Wednesday, Aug. 14 (Chicago), Wednesday, Sept. 18 (New York Red Bulls), and Wednesday, Sept. 25 (New England). For the Thorns, the deal will be available on Wednesday, July 24 (Houston) and Wednesday, Sept. 11 (North Carolina).

The team also announced that they will be freezing concession prices this year. 

The Timbers will play their first home game of 2019 on Saturday, June 1, following a three-month, 12 game road trip while construction finished on an $85 million, 4,000-seat expansion and renovation. The Thorns will play their home opener the following day on Sunday, June 2. 

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