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Portland Spots Ranked... by Temperature

August is Portland’s most sweltering month. Here are 10 ways to beat—or bring—the heat.

By Brendan Nagle July 24, 2019 Published in the August 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Come peak summer, we might catch you cooling down by the sorbet pops at New Seasons. (One glass door away from zero degrees.) Can’t get enough of sauna season? Try simmering in the Kennedy School’s 100-degree soaking pool. Here are 10 more local ways to adjust your temperature this month.

-166° F

Your shock-firmed skin inside CryoPDX’s whole-body cryotherapy chamber

0° F

A tongue-numbing scoop of Strawberry Honey Balsamic from Salt & Straw

39° F

The arctic blast from the walk-in beer cooler at the Pearl District Whole Foods

59° F*

Your bare legs at 7,000 feet, dangling from the Magic Mile Chairlift at Timberline Lodge

62° F*

Thermostat setting of the Laurelhurst Theater’s four air-conditioned screening rooms on E Burnside

71° F*

Willamette River when you’re doing laps from the Eastbank Esplanade swim dock

88° F*

Full-body dunks in Hillsdale’s Wilson Outdoor Pool

98° F

Vinyasa flows in Firelight Yoga’s radiantly heated Fire Room on N Killingsworth

155° F

A Stumptown Coffee macchiato, sliding down your gullet

302° F

Your corpse dissolving in an aqua cremation chamber at Wilhelm’s in Southeast

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