Social Media Reacts to the Protests in Portland

As protests erupted over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, local politicians, artists, and thinkers weighed in.

By Portland Monthly Staff May 31, 2020

On Friday and Saturday, protests erupted in Portland and across the country over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. With additional protests expected, Mayor Ted Wheeler had extended Saturday's 8 pm curfew into Sunday night. 

Local politicians, artists, and leaders went to Twitter, advocating for historical context, more sensitive media coverage, or to condemn the violence altogether:

Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty:

Nkenge Harmon Johnson, the CEO of the Urban League of Portland:

The Fab Lab host Crazy Aunt Lindsey:

Hip-hop artist Mic Capes:

Anthony Ware, principal researcher at Founder Mental Wealth

Stephen Green, founder of Pitch Black

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