Damian Lillard Drops New Track "Blacklist"

The NBA season may be suspended, but D.A.M.E. Dolla is laying down bars for Black Lives Matter.

By Marty Patail June 10, 2020

After leading a Black Lives Matter march last week, Portland's all-star point guard has something to say in verse:

We in a pandemic, thought gettin' out, I'd be more joyed
Then I watched a cop, knee to the neck and kill George Floyd
They hide behind the badge, we get to postin', it never last
Like was we ever mad? Speed up the process and do the dash...

These are the opening bars of "Blacklist," released yesterday on Soundcloud, Lillard's first track since his devastating Shaq diss last October and the release of his third studio album Big D.O.L.L.A. last August. In the absence of any drum track, Dame's lyrics hit even harder. Give it a listen here:

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