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5 Great Portland-Made Podcasts for Summer Listening

Dissect Black Lives Matter, the Blazers, and your daddy issues.

By Julia Silverman July 23, 2021

Gregory McKelvey and Cameron Whitten, the co-hosts of the new podcast Your Neighborhood Black Friends.

Planning a summer road trip? Or just getting back to the office and navigating a commute for the first time in nearly 16 months? Whatever your plans, it’s always a good time to have a new podcast queued up—and why not a made-in-Oregon one, while you’re at it?  

Here are four new(ish) local podcasts for your listening pleasure, plus one old favorite, which run the gamut from news-heavy to music-based to one for all those who want to know what the heck is up with the Blazers these days. 

Your Neighborhood Black Friends

Brand new from self-proclaimed once-and-future media darlings, persons-about-town, and political/nonprofit heavyweights Gregory McKelvey and cameron whitten, the first episode of Your Neighborhood Black Friends drops on Monday. The duo, who used to host a podcast called Chocolate and Caramel have rebranded here, and plan to interview local newsmakers, be they in politics, entertainment, social justice, or even, (their words not ours), sportsball. Per whitten, from the trailer: “We want to talk about the issues that we as people, as society, we ruminate on, and we really benefit from getting diverse perspectives, hot takes.” First up as guests are Devin Boss, co-founder of Rose City Justice and Sharon Gary-Smith, head of the Portland chapter of the NAACP—two generations on the future of Black Lives Matter.  

Find it at: ynbfriends.com or via Patreon. 

Uprising: A Guide from Portland

The (roughly) one year anniversary of that time the former president of the United States sent federal marshals into downtown Portland to crack down on passionate Black Lives Matter demonstrations seems like a good time to highlight this podcast from iHeart Radio, which features the work of some of the freelancers who covered the protests night after night, week after week last summer, including Robert Evans, Donovan Smith, Garrison Davis, Bea Lake, and Elaine Kinchen. (Lake and Evans are two of three plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the city that alleges assault, battery, and false arrest, among other complaints.) The vivid audio collected here will take you back to last summer, and help put into context everything that’s happened since, from the protests over the Red House on N. Mississippi to the July 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.  

Find it at: iheartradio.com  

You Are Good

You probably already know Portland-based journalist Sarah Marshall’s work, given that she is one-half of the duo behind the endlessly popular podcast You’re Wrong About, which deconstructs a person, place, or thing that they believe has been misconstrued by the public, from Princess Diana to OJ Simpson. But have you found Marshall’s other podcast,  You Are Good, which is an examination of fatherhood, masculinity, and what it means to be the child of a dad (as we all, inevitably, are) in familiar pop culture, from Pretty Woman to The Shining.  

Find it at: Apple podcasts or via Patreon. 

Relative Fiction 

One part mystery, one part therapy session, this podcast from Oregon Public Broadcasting came out last winter and follows the story of Portland writer and illustrator Nicole Georges’ determination to find out the truth about the father she’d always believed to be dead. A psychic tells her to probe more deeply, a conversation with her sister reveals that he is in fact alive, and the journey to uncover the why of it all begins.  

Find it at: OPB.org 

Talkin’ Blazers with Channing Frye

It’s been a long time since Frye was suiting up at the Moda Center, but his wife is an Oregonian, and he’s remained devoted to Portland and the team. For the latest scoop on those Damian Lillard trade rumors, and the (gulp) dawn of the Chauncey Billups era, delivered by an anchor who truly cares about the franchise and its future, this is a great place to go. 

Find it at: Art19.com. 

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