Feel like Watching Something Go Boom and Fall Down?

We got you. (Or at least, OSU's got you!)

By Fiona McCann January 7, 2022

It's been that kind of start to the year where watching something blow up might just be the catharsis you need. In a state with a grand history of staged booms—see the exploding whale for more—Oregon State University joined the ranks this morning with the implosion of the the west side of the university's Reser Stadium. 

Today's implosion—which makes way for the construction of a new west side of the stadium, expected to be completed before the start of the 2023 football season—was livestreamed for eager viewers, with footage from multiple cameras as well as an interview between Mike Parker, OSU Athletics play-by-play announcer, and Scott Barnes, OSU vice president and director of athletics. And if you missed it, fear not: we've got the video for you right here—fast-forward to 52 minutes to catch the button push and its consequences. 

And ICYMI back in the day: 



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