How to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Ian

From blood to cash donations, here are things Oregonians can do.

By Isabel Lemus Kristensen and Fiona McCann September 30, 2022

Emergency vehicles this week in South Florida

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on Wednesday and proceeded through the state, leaving at least 21 fatalities and swathes of the state without power and drinking water. Oregonian has already stepped up to help, with the Oregon State Fire Marshal sending a team of 13 from their incident management groups to help in the response. The Cascades Red Cross team, which serves Oregon and southwest Washington, also sent trained disaster volunteers to the area. But just as Portlanders have stepped up in the past to aid those affected by weather, wildfires, and war, there are many more ways to help now: we’ve put together a list of places looking for everything from blood to cash donations. 

Give Blood

The first shipment of blood to Florida from Bloodworks Northwest 

Bloodworks Northwest is sending emergency blood shipments to Florida, and has put the call out to donors in our region to step up. With Hurricane Ian shutting down local blood collections, Oregon’s donors can help Florida hospitals, with individuals with Type O blood in particular needed. Go to for donor locations. 

Donate to the Red Cross

With Oregonians already on the ground in Florida, the Red Cross is also asking for donations to help those affected by Hurricane Ian. Online donations are accepted at  

Mercy Corps

Portland-based Mercy Corps continues to work on the ground in Puerto Rico to support local organizations they have been working with since Hurricane Maria in 2017, and are looking for donations online at  

Florida Ian Response Fund

The Florida Ian Response Fund is a coalition of on-the-ground grassroots organizations—including Florida Rising, Dream Defenders, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Faith in Florida, and FL Jobs with Justice—that formed following Hurricane Irma in 2017. The coalition has come together again to raise funds for local communities impacted by Hurricane Ian. Donations will provide emergency aid throughout the state, and can be given at  

Are you a local nonprofit looking to help those affected by Hurricane Ian?
Please let us know and we’ll add you to the list.

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