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Featured above are various examples of styles and layout options for client design builds. Select a few favorites as a point of reference and send it along with your assets listed below to [email protected]

Note: Portland Monthly’s Client Design Services are available for current advertisers and bill at $45/per hour with a total of 3 revisions – in order to limit the number of hours billed, our designer will not begin working on your ad until all assets listed below have been submitted.

Client Assets Needed For Design Builds


What do you want your ad(s) to say to your audience? Are you advertising a contest, promotion, giveaway, or just general knowledge about your brand? We need a little copy from you to get started.

Necessary copy may include:
  • Headline
  • Sub-headline
  • 1 to 2 sentences of body copy OR a bullet-style list
  • Call-To-Action (i.e. Enter To Win!)
  • Also—If you have a font your brand often uses, please send that along too!


How do you want your ad to look? Do you have photography you love and really want to use? Have a custom illustration style you want us to match? If so, please send it over and specify what you’d prefer. And, if you don’t already have assets, then let us know you’d like us to create something custom—just be sure to include some examples of ad styles you like and explain why!

Image assets may include:
  • Purchased Stock Photography
  • Brand Colors
  • Vectors Design or Illustration


Be sure to include your logo when sending your imagery and copy along! We’d prefer an EPS file, but we can work with any of the formats listed below.

Logo file formats may include:
  • EPS
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • PDF
  • TIF

Download Design Request Creative Brief

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