PODCAST: Mayoral Hopeful Jules Bailey Reveals His Vision for Portland (and Love of Star Trek)

In the debut of Portland Monthly's podcast The Long Play, the campaign's youthful upstart talks about why the city's top job should be his.

By Zach Dundas, Marty Patail, and Sika Stanton March 21, 2016

In Portland’s mayoral race, 36-year-old county commissioner Jules Bailey figures as the youthful underdog to presumed frontrunner Ted Wheeler. This Next Generation-loving, Vietnamese-food-craving Portland native is definitely smart and undeniably smooth. But can Bailey forge a vision for Portland’s future that gets him to 50 percent—plus one? Portland Monthly editors Zach Dundas and Marty Patail delve into Bailey's views on Portland's affordability crisis, how to deal with rapid growth, and his own endearingly geeky pop culture fascinations.

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Audio production by Sika Stanton

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