The Long Play

PODCAST: Mike Thelin and Karen Brooks on the Madness and Inspiration behind Feast Portland

The food festival cofounder joins Portland Monthly's food critic to talk overnight lamb shipments, muse on what makes Portland chefs different, and taste-test some brisket-filled chocolate.

By Karen Brooks September 12, 2016

Five years ago, Portland was overcome by a strange hum: a crazy chomping sound that went on for four days and nights, as thousands of food-possessed people gathered all over the city to eat, and eat, and eat, and party—and then eat some more. It was Feast Portland, a food festival that's since grown into one of the country’s great gustatory extravaganzas. (The fifth installment runs September 15–18.)

On this episode of The Long Play, Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks chats with festival cofounder Mike Thelin about the madness and inspiration behind it all—and taste-tests some wild chocolate bars from Xocolatl de Davíd (including one brisket-filled number Thelin likens to a ‘70s song with a funky bass line).

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Audio production by Samala Coffey

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