Retail Therapy

10 Portland Stores on Our Radar Screens Right Now

From new boutiques to old favorites in new spaces to under-the-radar spots, head to these Rose City gems the next time you need to scratch your shopping itch.

08/11/2022 By Julia Silverman

Real Estate

One Year in, Our 10 Most Popular Property Watches

Looking back on a year of quaint cottages, modern contemporaries and one dreamy beach house in Portland and beyond!

05/23/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Real Estate

Property Watch: In SW Homestead, Baker Ken Forkish’s Cozy Cottage For Sale

Forkish's SW Homestead house is up for grabs. He was one of Portland's well-known restauranteurs before selling his businesses and retiring this year.

03/14/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Real Estate

Property Watch: A Roomy, Bright Yellow Irvington Foursquare

A blend of the old—a sleeping porch! pocket doors! and the new—remodeled kitchen! en suite bathrooms!

02/14/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Real Estate

Property Watch: A Smartly Designed, Mid-Aughts-Era Condo in the Alphabet District

Radiant underfloor heating, cork floors, and views of the Montgomery Park sign are just a few of the features for this condo in Northwest Portland

02/07/2022 By Melissa Dalton

Real Estate

Price Point: Homes for $375,000 in PDX, Aloha, and Tualatin

A cozy mid-century home in Portland, a two-story house in Aloha with a large balcony, and an attached end unit in Tualatin.

11/12/2021 By Cami Hughes