Beer Guide 2017: History

These Beers Have Defined Oregon through the Eras

From Widmer's Hefeweizen to CDAs and sour ales, here's a brief history of our state's evolving tastes.

06/12/2017 By Brian Yaeger


Oregon City Is Now Home to a Great Microbrew Scene

In just three years, the town has gone from zero breweries to a quartet that hark back to the Beaver State’s early craft beer heyday.

05/19/2016 By Brian Yaeger

5 Things About

How McMenamins Pioneered Beervana

Some tasty tidbits from the ubiquitous pub on every corner

05/26/2015 By Brian Yaeger and Rachel Davidson


The Suds of March: 5 New Portland Beer Destinations

Raise a pint at the city's freshest hop operations, from IPA altruists to Chinese lager masters.

03/02/2015 By Brian Yaeger


The Northwest's Best Rye Beers

Five rye-fueled brews embracing the flavor-packed grain

09/03/2013 By Brian Yaeger