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Kids and Masks: Talking About Safety and Comfort

Even though kids may be less likely than adults to become seriously ill with COVID-19, they can still spread the virus to other more vulnerable people in their family and their community.


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A Lifesaving Village in the Face of COVID-19

After 93 days of hospitalization and care, one Kaiser Permanente patient is rebounding and well into recovery.


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Triple the Love

Having a baby — let alone three — during a pandemic can be a stressful experience. But the care one mother received at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center proved safe, comforting, and life-affirming.


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Prioritizing Childhood Immunizations During Covid-19

In the midst of a pandemic, pediatric vaccination clinics work to help keep kids healthy and safe.


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Mental Health and Addiction: From On-Site to Online

Kaiser Permanente’s Brookside Center pivots to help stay connected with patients during Covid-19.


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The Power of Practicing Self-Care and Resilience in Tough Times

Dr. Han-Chun Liang, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente Northwest, offers advice on how to start building resilience and strengthening our ability to bounce back after the COVID-19 outbreak.


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A Life-Changing Alternative to Open-Heart Surgery

Technology and innovation at Kaiser Permanente are powering minimally invasive cardiac care that is helping patients heal faster and live longer.


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Oregon’s Only Virtual Cardiac Rehab Program Helps Patients Heal and Recover

Trailblazing technology at Kaiser Permanente is helping give patients convenience and control as they use a remote fitness tracker to help heal and recover.


Mental Health

Two New Portland Murals Fight Depression Stigma

Local muralists Rather Severe and Blaine Fontana teamed up with Kaiser Permanente to foster mental illness awareness through public art.

01/05/2017 By Tuck Woodstock