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Trust, Expertise, and Wraparound Care

A high-risk pregnancy puts a young patient at the center of a coordinated plan — from birth to rehabilitation.


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Heart Health and Healing Through Wearable Technology

Virtual cardiac rehab helps overcome barriers to recovery and keeps patients connected to their care team — especially during the pandemic.


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Easing the Post-Pandemic Transition for Kids

As kids return to school, sports, summer camps, and other routines after a year of isolation, learn how to help support their mental health and well-being.


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Keeping Addiction in Check During a Pandemic

As alcohol sales and overdoses in Oregon skyrocket, learn to recognize warning signs and use professional and self-care to remedy unhealthy habits that may have developed or worsened during the pandemic.


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Pandemic Puts Some Cancer Screenings Into Sharp Decline

Kaiser Permanente Northwest is a leader in proactive screening for head and neck cancer and offers innovative robotic treatment.


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Don’t Delay Care — Even Now

Even in a pandemic, health care and essential screenings can’t wait, and Kaiser Permanente’s medical and dental offices are open and ready to safely welcome patients back for treatment.


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Expert Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines from Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Katie Sharff, Infectious Disease Specialist with Kaiser Permanente Northwest, shares thoughts with Portland Monthly cofounder and CEO Nicole Vogel.


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Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines: Experts Say Don’t Wait

With three safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines now available in the U.S., experts agree that waiting for a specific one is unnecessary. The best vaccine is the one that’s available now.


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A Multifaceted Fight Against COVID-19

Inside Kaiser Permanente's Pandemic Response


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‘Extraordinarily Rare’ Procedure to Keep a Heart Beating During the Pandemic

Radiation therapy commonly used to target tumors was a last resort for a Kaiser Permanente patient with a chronic heart condition — and it worked.


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Furry Heart, Happy Heart

Discover why owning a pet can improve your heart health — particularly during the pandemic.


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Expert Advice on the Basics of the COVID-19 Vaccine

The best defense is a good offense — and when it comes to defeating the pandemic, we will now be able to take the offensive: We can get vaccinated against COVID-19.


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Pandemic-Related Weight Gain in Children

Healthy behaviors and positive changes can help control weight gain for your entire family during COVID-19 stress.


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A Support System for Healing

Putting patients at the heart of cardiac care—particularly during the pandemic—with the support of a social worker to help navigate care, before and after surgery


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Stay Home for the Holidays

Travel increases your risk for getting and spreading COVID-19.


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From Patient to Peer

A former addiction and recovery patient turns his battle with substance use disorder into a supportive career for others who are in treatment.


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Pandemic Fatigue: It’s Real, and It’s Dangerous

Staying vigilant and practicing simple and basic healthy behaviors are still key to preventing the spread of COVID-19.


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Screening and Early Detection: One Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story

A Kaiser Permanente member shares wisdom from her recent cancer journey.


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Controlling Substance Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

September is National Addiction and Recovery Month. In the face of the uncertainty of a global pandemic, our friends, family, and colleagues may be struggling.


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Cardiac Care in the Time of COVID-19

Skilled care and additional precautions help make the Northwest’s leading cardiac program safe — especially during the pandemic.