Kaiser Permanente began Oregon’s fight against the pandemic on February 28, 2020, when the state’s first COVID-19 case was diagnosed at Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center. The hospital’s unique integrated care capabilities swung into action, with in-house infectious disease specialists delivering high-quality, lifesaving care.

From the pandemic’s first days, Kaiser Permanente also worked to safeguard entire communities by coordinating with the governor’s task force to help Oregonians affected by the virus, all while continuously sharing information and resources with other health systems.

Kaiser Permanente became the first hospital system in Oregon to launch a COVID-19 vaccine trial, led by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland. By the fall, the trial yielded data that was used to speed up approval of the first vaccine at the end of 2020.

In January 2021, Kaiser Permanente launched All4Oregon, a mass vaccination site — the largest in Oregon — at the Oregon Convention Center, to dispense lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines, bringing a year of innovation, collaboration, and new treatments full circle, and bringing Oregon one step closer to defeating COVID-19.

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