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Trust, Expertise, and Wraparound Care

A high-risk pregnancy puts a young patient at the center of a coordinated plan — from birth to rehabilitation.

Presented by Kaiser Permanente June 24, 2021

When Hayley and Nick learned that their unborn son would have a birth defect, their emotions bounced from shock, sadness, and fear to a steadfast and peaceful, “We got this.”

They landed on that latter reaction when they realized they were in excellent hands at Kaiser Permanente. Their care was seamlessly coordinated among specialists, and all the services they needed were conveniently located just down the hallway.

Their story begins at about 20 weeks into their pregnancy and ends after their son, Brady, an active, healthy boy, celebrates his first birthday. Their journey between those milestones is marked by medical excellence, compassionate care, and the comprehensive wraparound service they received at Kaiser Permanente.

After a few month of casting, Brady progressed to needing a “boots and bar” combination to prevent his feet from reverting back to the club position.

A Seemingly Normal Pregnancy

In Hayley’s words, “Nick and I went to our normal anatomy scan appointment. Everything with our pregnancy had been going well, so I wasn’t worried. Afterwards, our nurse-midwife called and went over the ultrasound results with me. She said our baby might have talipes equinovarus (commonly referred to as club feet). But even more alarming, she said the ultrasound showed potential abnormal findings in Brady’s brain. She made an immediate referral for us to see a perinatologist” (a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancy).

The fact that Hayley works in labor and delivery and postpartum care and has assisted in hundreds of deliveries throughout her career didn’t make the news any easier. She was keenly aware of the joy — as well as the heartache — that can accompany pregnancy and childbirth. But she was also familiar with Kaiser Permanente’s earned reputation for high-quality care and customer service and had “firsthand knowledge of how amazing, caring, smart, and compassionate the staff is, and the outstanding care they provide.”

She trusted the team 100% to take care of her and Brady.

“At our first appointment with our perinatologist, Katherine Gesteland, MD, we were so scared,” Hayley recalls. “But the entire perinatology team was absolutely wonderful. They confirmed that Brady’s brain scan was normal, although he did have club feet.”

Hayley was most impressed that even before Brady was born, she had a referral to see Stephen Renwick, MD. Hayley and Nick met with the orthopedic surgeon to discuss the care plan for their newborn and get all their questions answered.

During the remainder of the pregnancy, Hayley’s nurse-midwife seamlessly managed her care with the Perinatology Department. She even helped Hayley make convenient appointments for blood draws and fetal monitoring.

Then, on May 4, at 1:38 p.m., Hayley delivered their beautiful baby boy at Kaiser Permanente Westside. Nick describes the experience as “magical.”

Today, Brady is a happy, fun-loving one-year-old with tons of personality. He continues to make progress with crawling and is now standing.

Love, Compassion, and Celebration

Hayley adds, “Every person took care of us with love, compassion, and celebration as we welcomed our little one into the world. The pediatricians in the hospital were able to see Dr. Renwick’s notes, and we left the hospital with our routine follow-up appointments and our orthopedic appointment already scheduled.”

Less than two weeks after his birth, Brady began weekly visits to Dr. Renwick for checkups and fresh castings to slowly correct the feet. After a few months, Brady progressed to needing a “boots and bar” combination to prevent his feet from reverting back to the club position. He wore the devices 23 hours a day and currently needs them only at night until he’s four years old.

“The treatment is akin to wearing braces to correct misaligned teeth,” Hayley explains.

Brady continues to see his care team regularly. When he began showing signs of delays in crawling and standing, he was immediately referred to a physical therapist for help strengthening his muscles.

She stays in touch with other parents of children with club feet. “It’s heartbreaking to hear about their frustrations with finding — and paying for — orthopedic care.”

As for the care that mom and baby received, Hayley is “thankful for the coordination among all the departments, both prenatally and now that Brady is here.” She especially likes the fact that she can send an email, call for advice, or set up a virtual visit if needed. And Brady’s pediatrician can review and coordinate Brady’s care from other providers.

And now? “Brady is a happy, fun-loving one-year-old with tons of personality,” says the proud mother. “His feet are doing great. He continues to make progress with crawling and is now standing. We feel so blessed to be his parents.”

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s maternity and pediatric care at kp.org/maternity/nw.