Pies We Love

A list of all the pies we know you're sure to love. Find a new favorite gourmet pizza joint in your neighborhood.

08/19/2012 By Gretchen Holzgang, Nicole Morales, and Georgia Perry

The Mudroom

Sticky Business

Oregon State University scientist, Kaichang Li, has invented an effective adhesive without using toxic chemicals. He aims to improve the carbon footprint of products like tape, sticky notes, and postage stamps.

03/09/2011 By Nicole Morales


PDX Index: Spring Cleaning

This month's edition of PDX Index is all about spring cleaning, with statistics on waste and ways we can reduce it.

02/22/2011 By Nicole Morales

Private Schools Guide 2011

Pop Quiz

We've got straight-up answers to your private school FAQs.

01/20/2011 By Gretchen Holzgang, Nicole Morales, and Ali Moran

2010 Best Bars

Straight Up

Three of Portland's best bartending stories, told by the bartenders themselves.

11/17/2010 By Nicole Morales

PDX Index

La Niña

La Niña by the numbers.

11/16/2010 By Nicole Morales


PDX Index: Cemeteries

10 statistics about Oregon cemeteries and burial services.

09/13/2010 By Gretchen Holzgang, Nicole Morales, and Ali Moran

Saving for the Future

Seed Saviors

Scientists at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository are even now hedging against humanity's uncertain future. Within the twenty-eight-year-old facility's greenhouses, are the fruits and nuts and seeds and pollen of roughly ten thousand plants collected

05/26/2009 By Rebecca Clarren


The Perfect Party

Celebs we'd most like at our dinner table this month.



Green Machine

With economic stimulus dollars up for grabs, a gubernatorial strike force of Portland power players has a comeback plan.

05/19/2009 By Ted Katauskas