Rose is a Portland native who joined Portland Monthly in May of 2021 after completing her first year of graduate school studying Multimedia Journalism at University of Oregon. Previously, Rose spent six years living in New York state attending Ithaca College before moving to Brooklyn, NY. When she’s not admiring Portland’s best food and drink offerings behind the camera, Rose loves walking around the city, watching live music, and floral watercolor painting. 


Quick and Easy Day Trips for Fall Fun

Orchards in the Hood River Valley, spooks in St. Helens, fall revelry in Wilsonville, and more

10/22/2021 By Gabriel Granillo, Rose Lee, and Fiona McCann


Apizza Scholls: Behind the Scenes at a Portland Culinary Institution

As part of our new video series spotlighting 'Tried and True' Portland locales, we connected with pizza guru Brian Spangler.

10/08/2021 Videography by Rose Lee and Monica Salazar

Eat This Now

The 8 Most Mouthwatering Nachos to Try in Portland

Where to get cheesy chips topped with anything from ahi poke to lemongrass beef to mole.

07/23/2021 By Katherine Chew Hamilton