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Why Donating to Local Nonprofits is Everyone’s Business

When you invest in your community, you’re supporting the same ecosystem that feeds your company’s bottom line.

09/23/2019 By Shelley Kehm

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How Classic Farmhouse Style Influenced Portland’s Latest Home Design Trend

For Renaissance Homes’ Randy Sebastian, the modern farmhouse isn’t just the hottest home-design trend in Portland—it’s personal.

09/24/2018 By Shelley Kehm

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Woman-Owned Glow Gifts Elevates Giving to an Art Form

This online Portland boutique is a bona-fide gift for busy shoppers.

09/06/2018 By Shelley Kehm

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Investing in the Pacific Northwest

From improving public health to empowering women, the Murdock Trust partners with those who serve and inspire others.

08/30/2018 By Shelley Kehm

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Country Brunch Offers Family Fun and Kid-Friendly Cooking Demos

Here’s what you missed at this year’s barn-themed bash — including a recipe for Greek meatball bites that wows tots and parents alike.

07/30/2018 By Shelley Kehm