Photography by Dina Avila

French, Pacific Northwest
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Naomi Pomeroy runs with the meat-worshipping bad boys of the Portland food scene, muscles flexed, elbows flying, but with lace showing underneath. Beast is her stage for sumptuous multicourse meals choreographed and assembled in the middle of the room. Pomeroy ships a deeply seasonal parade of mushroom soups, maple-glazed pork bellies, and foie gras bonbons in six-course prix fixe dinners that celebrate French comfort cooking, communal tables, and Oregon farm finds. The four course brunch is the city’s best, embracing candied bacon and a no-brakes attitude in an atmosphere of Otis Redding and pure girl power.

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Brunch, Dinner
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Conversation, Date Night


5425 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR, 97211
Alberta/Killingsworth/Fremont  •  503-841-6968
Wed-Sat: 6 pm & 8:45 pm Sun: 7 pm Sun: 10:00 am, 11:30 am, & 1:00 pm