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Ringleader Aaron Adams opened this vegan fermentery last summer on SE Morrison with multiple goals. First, it’s a blueprint for a kind of future-forward microrestaurant—ethical, eco-sustainable, post-punk-rocking, and plant-based, with most ingredients staunchly gleaned within a 105-mile radius, as all around microbes fizz in incubators and slow cookers. Here, everyone orders “The Bowl,” a power shot of quinoa, cabbage kraut, kale salad, roasty roots, cumin galore, and plump, luscious rio rojo beans grown in Forest Grove. Forget the painfully acidic “spicy” sauce. You want the whipped miso option, made, perhaps, from local white beans or pumpkin seeds and textured, improbably, like cake frosting. For $8, Fermenter delivers a healthy dose of flavor and entertainment. Beyond lunch, the kitchen’s kombuchas, tempehs, and misos double as an ad hoc “inspiration pantry” for Farm Spirit, Adams’s well-regarded modern vegan restaurant around the corner on SE Belmont.

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1414 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR, 97214
Tue–Sat 11am–3pm