Photography by Stuart Mullenberg

Breakfast / Brunch, Pub Grub
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This dusky North Mississippi watering hole lures the hungover and hungry on weekend mornings with balanced cocktails and burly breakfast fare, often soundtracked by ’80s rock. The menu runs from biscuits with boar sausage gravy to super puffy buttermilk poppyseed pancakes that taste like Costco muffins drizzled with zingy lemon the best way possible. The finest mornings start with a salty, smoked-then-fried half game hen, often perched on a toasty house biscuit (you can get the same bird at night plus hefty burgers and steaks). Slather everything in tangy jalapeño butter and coffee-bourbon-brown-sugar syrup, and devour every crunchy morsel between swigs of your a.m. libation.

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Brunch, Dinner, Late Night
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4057 N Mississippi St, Portland, OR, 97227
Mississippi/Williams  •  503-284-6669
Mon-Fri: 4 pm-2:30 am Sat-Sun: 10 am-2:30 am