By Karen Brooks

Photography by Karen Brooks

Photography by Stuart Mullenberg

Pacific Northwest
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With his I-did-it-my-way bluster and locavore intensity, Jason French embodies everything to love about Portland’s food scene. The playful depth of his homesteader’s cabin gone mad never lets up, from the name (after the 19th-century British folk hero) to the restaurant’s lone stove, a six-foot-high fireplace fueled by gnarly logs stacked everywhere. Among the surprises tumbling out of the open kitchen’s 750-degree cavern: a plate-size chocolate chip cookie, rising in a cast-iron skillet, its salt-crunching surface emerging one lucky degree shy of torched. 

Meal Times
Brunch, Dinner
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Outdoor Dining, Parking, Reservations
Good For
Business Lunch, Conversation, Date Night

Ned Ludd

3925 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd , Portland, OR, 97212
Irvington/Lloyd District  •  503-288-6900
Mon-Sun: 5 pm - 10 pm