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Not many chefs, in Portland or beyond, can redefine the semimystical notion of “local cooking.” But supreme culinary multitasker Karl Holl does just that, with a hard-core, raise-your-own-meal mentality delivered in an unlikely setting: a cluster of tables inside downtown's Park Avenue Fine Wines, an open-minded shop with a global reach. In Holl’s world, every forgotten inch of food is a potential edible, smoked potato skin powder to candied hazelnut debris. Tempura recently popped with pickled green beans and nasturtium flowers, its crackling batter dusted with smoked parmigiano and a kicky powder derived from the fermented padron pepper mash. If Doritos grew in a farm field, they’d taste like this dish.

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Park Avenue Fine Wines

626 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR, 97205
Park Avenue: 11:00am - 7:00pm Mon-Sat Closed Sunday // The Bar at Park Avenue: 4:00pm - 10pm Mon-Sat Closed Sunday