Photography by Leela Cyd

Photography by David Lanthan Reamer

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Cousins Kim and Tyler Malek tapped the local spirit of craft, collaboration, and crazy flavors to challenge expectations of what an ice cream parlor might look like in Portland: a place that embraces both an iPad cash register and a vintage waffle iron to stamp out fantastic, made-to-order cones. Each scoop is wildly different, bulging with luxurious texture, daring combinations (some better than others), and an unmistakable taste of place, perfumed with Steven Smith’s Teas, a changing tap of local beers, Olympic Provisions meat, and chocolate “chips” from budding bean-to-bar stars Woodblock Chocolates. How far will the Maleks push to redefine ice cream on our turf? Bone marrow–and–smoked cherry is already a hit, and the Happy B-Day Elvis with malted banana ice cream, marionberry jam, and peanut butter topped with candied bacon is a game changer. 


Meal Times
Dinner, Lunch
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Outdoor Dining, Takeout
Good For
Conversation, Date Night

Salt & Straw Ice Cream: Alberta

2035 NE Alberta St. , Portland, OR, 97211-5847
Alberta/Killingsworth/Fremont  •  503-208-3867
Sun-Mon: 10 am-11 pm

Salt & Straw Ice Cream: NW 23rd

838 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR, 97210
Northwest/Nob Hill  •  971-271-8168
Mon-Sun: 10 am - 11 pm

Salt & Straw Ice Cream: Division

3345 SE Division St. , Portland, OR, 97214
Division/Clinton  •  503-208-2054
Sun-Mon: 10 am - 11 pm