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Chef Oswaldo Bibiano’s cramped kitchen churns out an impressive lineup singing inside tiny, house-pressed corn tortillas. A collection of well calibrated salsas in every hue of the chile spectrum greets you at a help-yourself station. Tender barbacoa brisket gains extra flavor from avocado leaves and juicy endiablado prawns live up to their devilish billing. The best choices are also the most daring: dark burgundy crumbles of Bibiano’s signature moronga (blood sausage) or charred curls of pulpo (octopus) in a magnificence of red chile powder, epazote, and lime. Plus, the new west-side Uno Mas outpost is crafting the best breakfast tacos in the city. The chile capeado is hard to beat: shredded pork, cooked with chipotle and guajillo peppers, stuffed into an eggbattered jalapeño, deep-fried, and drizzled with crema.

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