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Your Family, a Work of Art

Seasoned portrait photographer Kim Campbell elevates the “family photo” into a work of art.

Presented by November 24, 2015

The mom and pop photography shop – Campbell Salgado Studio – sits on a well-travelled corner in Sellwood (SE 16th & Tacoma). “As we tallied our years in business we discovered a few fun facts about our photo studio,” says photographer Kim Campbell. “Over the last 20 years we’ve captured 11,584 grins, corralled at least 25 pooches, 4 kitty cats and 2 birds and 1 rat, witnessed a minimum of 12,585 hugs, decorated over 5,943 walls with over 36,589 pieces of art and made barnyard noises at least 26,480 times to bring out amazing grins.”

Those impressive numbers alone speak volumes about the experience Kim Campbell brings and the attention she pays to detail. She gives her clients a photo session and products unlike anything they’ve experienced before. Starting with a complimentary planning session at the Craftsman-style Campbell Salgado Studio, Kim takes notes of all the things that make a family’s  personal style unique. Not only can clients pick from over 25 custom crafted backgrounds for either the indoor or outdoor shooting spaces, but they can select a marked photography style running the gamut from artsy to candid to formal.

In fact, they’ve got 4 different types of experiences to choose from. Original Portraits™ are the studio’s signature photos, the hallmark product of Campbell Salgado. Vignettes™ brings the camera on location to home spaces or favorite spots in PDX. And for those seeking something truly singular, Campbell transforms clients – of all ages – into fine art with El Corazon™. Last but not least Foto Playground™aka selfie heaven – is for the DIY set, who get to take their own photos using the studio’s pro camera, backdrop, lighting and fantastical props.

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On the day of the session, any returning client (and there are many) would advise the uninitiated to just sit back and allow the photo experience to unfold. One that veers widely away from forced smiles in front of the family mantlepiece. With a child-at-heart photo assistant guaranteed to make giggles erupt from children, parents are free to relax and enjoy this coveted time with their family. “Furry family members are always welcome too, whether it’s your Uncle Dennis or your labradoodle Peaches,” emphasizes Kim Campbell. A private garden and studio spaces gives people the opportunity to truly be themselves with no lookyloos watching.

After much anticipation, clients return to the studio a week later for the most entertaining multimedia experience, starring their loved ones. Kleenexes, wine and craft brews are provided. Designing the most creative arrangements with these newly minted portraits is the next focus. “We want people to leave with an original wall arrangement that will have your family smiling each time they walk by it. Having friends oohing and ahhing over your creativity – well that’s just a nice bonus” says co-owner Francisco Salgado.

As a full-service photo studio – yes! they still exist – Campbell Salgado has many rare products. From Italian frames with layered silver or gold foil to prints on more urbane materials like maple plywood, captivated clients are sure to find a look that makes their photos stand out yet gently melds with their home’s interior. Laurie, Campbell Salgado’s personal design wizardess, showcases one-of-a-kind wall layouts gleaned from years in the business. Taking this service to the next level, she shows them to the client on their own wall even. Clients truly love this part, being able to envision the pieces in their own home.

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Each year, Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado reserve several days around Christmas and New Year’s Day just for photographing families. Space is limited so plan ahead if this is the year to take advantage of your, perhaps rare, time together for a photo with the staying power to grace your walls forever.

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“From start to finish it is a lovely experience to get photographed with Campbell Salgado Studio! An elite experience really, with results that look absolutely stunning and effortless and that special spark of you and your families uniqueness is captured! LOVE LOVE LOVE the background options, the playfulness that is brought to the sessions and the all around top notch customer service experience! The end result is something we will cherish FOREVER.” long-time client, Chelsea Phillips