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Cashmere Your Christmas by Parachute

These cozy cashmere throw blankets hug you in a comfy cloud.

Presented by November 24, 2015

1000x700 cashmere sgccuh

The best cashmere is made from the soft, undercoat of Mongolian goats — it’s the fine, white hairs underneath their tougher outer-coat that keep these creatures warm in the sub-zero winters of east-central Asia. When spring comes and the weather thaws, the goats naturally shed this layer, which is then collected, cleaned and spun into yarn. High quality cashmere comes from only the finest and longest hairs (almost solely from the belly and throat) which results in a fabric that’s warm and durable.  The magic of cashmere is that it’s not at all bulky. Think about your favorite cashmere scarf or sweater…it’s as warm as wool. 

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