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Why shop Food Front Co-op?

The best local produce and artisanal goods are just the beginning of what makes Food Front co-op the right choice for your groceries.

Presented by November 11, 2015

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Where you buy your groceries matters.  Big box grocery stores have caught on to the tastes of us Portland foodies and they all seem to be offering “local”, organic foods and produce masquerading as “farm-direct”.  If you want truly local, fresh-from-the-farm, Oregon-made goods, you have to do your grocery shopping at a co-op.  Food Front has been offering up honest, delicious and truly local food to our customers since we began in 1972.  Find out for yourself why after 43 years we are still going strong.  Oh, and if you haven’t had one of our famous made-to-order deli sandwiches, you better get on that.   

What is Food Front Co-op and how are we Different?

Unlike regular grocery stores, cooperatively owned grocery stores are democratically-run organizations that exist to benefit their owners and their communities. We are Portland grown and locally owned (by our customers!). Cooperative values reach far beyond the bottom line. The foundation of what we do: support local farmers and producers by selling their goods to consumers and building a stronger local economy.  We are committed to supporting our community.  For example, we donate to organizations such as Neighborhood House and Friendly House and we work with elementary schools in our neighborhoods to teach them about local food and farming.

What is a Co-op?
A co-op is owned by people who pool their resources together to meet their common needs. Food Front was created by people who wanted a source of wholesome food. These initial owners bought a share in the co-op and the money raised enabled Food Front to buy its property, build the store, and invest in equipment and inventory. New owners keep us thriving—since all businesses need capital to finance improvements, repairs, new equipment, and potential expansions.

Keep it Local, Own the Co-op!

All are welcome to shop, but why not become a Food Front Co-op owner today?

For just $150 or $5/month, you can start receiving Ownership benefits today:

• Occasional 10-15% off shopping trips*

• Deep discounts on weekly specials

• 15% Special order case discounts*

• Email business updates so you can keep up with how YOUR business is doing.

• Your voice matters! Please let us know if there is a product you would like us to stock, a service you would like offered, or any ways we can serve you better.

• Vote for and/or serve on our board of directors

• Patronage dividends when we make a profit

• The peace of mind that comes from keeping a truly local community owned business thriving in an age of big box stores!

*cannot be combined with senior or wine case discounts.

Owner shares are fully refundable.


Investing in the co-op helps support your community in many ways:

• Food Front Co-op serves over 11,000 owners in two neighborhoods.

• Food Front Co-op employs over 110 people

• For every $1.00 spent at Food Front, ≈ $1.60 is generated in your local economy.

• Support over 75 local farmers, 50 of which deliver direct from the farm!

• Support hundreds of local producers.

• Provide a venue for new vendors to bring their products to market (Did you know Dave’s Killer Bread got its start at Food Front?)

• Support neighborhood schools by providing farm to school educational opportunities.

• Sponsor local food and community building events, such as the NW Portland Farmer’s Market, Ecotrust’s Summer Concert Series, NW Slabtown Festival, Elementary school field trips to Sauvie Island Center, Multnomah Days and many more!

• Both of our stores are Sustainability at Work Gold Certified by the City of Portland.


Food Front Locations:


2375 NW Thurman Street

Portland, OR 97210


6344 SW Capitol Hwy

Portland, OR 97239