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Winter Break Camps for Kids

Kids can burn off some holiday energy while exploring the wild zoo!

Presented by December 11, 2015

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Winter break is full of fun family adventures and holiday traditions, but even the most active, adventurous parent needs some time to themself. Oregon Zoo is offering affordable day camps the two weeks of school break. You get some extra time for holiday prep (or recovery), and the kids get an awesome wildlife experience that they won’t forget.

Each day of camp has a different theme, all united around the concept of solving mysteries in the animal kingdom. In between imaginative questing through the zoo, kids will meet animal ambassadors, play games, and take in-depth tours. Since it’s a different animal theme each day, kids can come for one day, a few days, or all seven.

They are priced well, too – at only $41 for zoo members ($48 for non-members), and running the whole day (9 am – 4 pm), it’s a great value.

The zoo's professional camp staff members are selected for excellence in programming for children and typically have also worked for public schools, OMSI, Outdoor School or Audubon. Most are college graduates or are working on a degree, and many return year after year.

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