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Always Be Prepared for Guests

Prepare your home pre-holiday season and keep guest areas organized all year round.

Presented by December 21, 2015

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Always Be Prepared for Company

During the 90’s and early 2000’s, there was a booming trend of homes being built with 1-2 extra rooms that were strictly used as a guest space. These spaces often sit empty approximately 11 months out of the year. Builders and home owners are rethinking how to accommodate occasional guests while maintaining a home’s storage needs. There are several smart, creative ways to make your home more efficient. The recent boom in Tiny House living is an excellent example of how innovative people are becoming with their use of space. One way that current homeowners can change their storage and guest options quickly and without doing an addition onto their home is the wall bed.

Portland is one of the top markets in the United States for wall bed style storage. Understanding that space is fleeting and that our individual impact on the earth has long-term consequences, Portlanders frequently invest in building options that serve our lifestyles while protecting our surroundings. Wall bed storage is an excellent example of reducing a home’s footprint and making a home more efficient year round.

Homeowners looking to purchase a wall bed for their home should research and consider the following:

  1. Open Wall Space

Wall beds are mounted to the wall and need a flat, unobstructed area that is at least 3-5” larger than the actual size of the bed. The extra sizing is to accommodate most basic frame compartments for the wall bed mechanisms. If choosing to customize storage or furniture pieces around the wall bed, that would be limited to the space available. Select a room that gives you the necessary space for the size of bed you want.

  1. Size of Bed

Wall beds come in twin, double/full, queen and king size. The size of your room will greatly dictate how large of a bed you can select. However, a great way to get a larger bed into the space is to measure whether a vertical (head near the wall) or side-tilt (body lies parallel to the wall) bed is best based on the shape of the room. Most people are familiar with the vertical style bed, but the side tilt can often allow a larger bed to fit into a rectangular shaped room.

  1. Storage Needs in the Room

Consider all the possibilities of how this room can be used when not hosting guests by going through your home and taking inventory of items that don’t “fit” in other spaces. California Closets, the leader in custom storage design, frequently sees people using these spaces as home office, craft/sewing areas, gift wrap storage, exercise rooms, art studios, and more. By choosing a custom design option, you can create the entire room to house exactly what you need when you need it. 

  1. Choosing the Right Company

Selecting the right company from which to purchase your wall bed depends on what you’re looking for in terms of style, quality, and budget. Wall beds can be simple “pull with a handle” mechanisms up to remote controlled beds that roll up with a push of a button. Most companies sell wall beds at a starting “base” point, which is the mechanism and standard support framework.   Here are some suggestions of things to look for in your purchase:

  • Does it come with a mattress (like a sofa bed) or do you select your own mattress for comfort?
  • Do you install it as the buyer or does in come installed from the company?
  • What level of customization is important to you and what level does the company provide? Do they consider your specific needs?
  • How frequently has that company installed wall beds?
  • What brand of wall bed do they use? Is it a well-known brand for quality? (do your research!)
  • Does the style/material of the wall bed work in your home?
  • Can you keep bedding on the bed when it is in storage mode, allowing you to be ready to go when guest arrive at any time?
  • What is your budget for the entire wall bed (custom cabinetry and all)?
  • What type of warranty comes with the purchase?
  • What is most important to you in choosing to work with a company?

The holiday season often brings with it a rush of organizing the home to get ready for guests or just additional commotion. Each year, the purchase of wall beds increases around September and October as people realize that their space may not accommodate guests or their own personal items. California Closets encourages homeowners to think about how smart, beautiful storage can improve their lives all year round.

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