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Getting PDX in Shape

The Art of Personal Training: Peter Fuller, Lead Trainer

Presented by December 17, 2015

Getting PDX in Shape
The Art of Personal Training: Peter Fuller, Lead Trainer

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What is the Art of Personal Training? It is what personal training was meant to be: fitness training performed by professionals that give each client undivided attention and amazing customer service.   

Our clients are paying for a premium service, and that is what we offer. We want the experience to be 50% fitness training and 50% customer service. We are in the luxury service arena, so it is up to us to set the bar on what professional personal training is all about, and we strive our best to do that every single day.

We have 60 minutes to give our client the most amazing workout and at the same time, create a space that is going to challenge them to surpass fitness and mental obstacles that they thought they would never break through. We are there not only as their trainers, but we are their mental coaches, life coaches and sometimes just that listening ear that they needed at that moment.

Why Do You Keep Training? I love being around people. It seems to be something that is in my DNA that attracts to me to individuals who want my help, but also I am there to learn from them. So many of my clients have great wisdom and experience, so it is super easy to just listen and learn. While I hold them accountable for their fitness and health goals, they hold me accountable of what I have expressed to them. In return, a bond is formed! This not only for me, but for everyone who is working in the studio.

What’s the Future for The Art of Personal Training? Our goal is maintain our presence in Portland as the top boutique personal training studio, and then possibly open up another concept studio across the river, but I won’t say which river!

As of this year, we expanded our space so we are growing at a rate that is perfect to maintain our exceptional customer service and to be able to handle the client load.

How Has Portland Responded? The feedback we consistently get is, “That is what personal training is supposed to be like”. We operate from what the client wants: an amazing workout, an amazing trainer, and a place that puts them first and we have accomplished that in PDX.