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Roseburg's Dining Scene - Off the Radar and Off the Chain

Restaurants in Roseburg offer great menus that may look simple in print but are complex in flavorful from plate and palate.

Presented by December 28, 2015

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For the most part, people aren’t sure what to expect when they think about dining in Roseburg. There are no celebrity sightings in the news or metropolitan chaos and the city doesn’t have its own TV show but, when it comes to dining these restaurants offer big city flavor in small town. Like the scrumptious wineries and pristine waterfalls in the area, the restaurants in Roseburg offer visitors a new experience they didn’t know was available.         

Less than two years old and holding their own, Salud Restaurant & Brewery, is a trend setting favorite adding bold flavors to downtown. With an upscale casual atmosphere, the décor feels modern and trendy with an open social appeal. Popular favorites include the Lobster Ceviche, Pork Street Tacos and Jicama Steak Salad. The in-house beers are brewed with conviction and pair superbly with the fare, ranging from comfort to refined. If beers aren’t your take, the bar is fully stocked and expertly staffed by a tender who can bring your wildest drink dreams to fulfillment. Live music and dancing are also on the menu making Salud Night Life or SNL as they call it, the place to be on Saturday.

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A wonder hangout spot with a second to none atmosphere is Brix 527. A longtime favorite of downtown, this restaurant, Chill lounge and summertime rooftop will wet your whistle and fill your stomach. It’s the type of place that leaves you wondering where the time has gone. There is a unique calm to the restaurant even during peak times. The decor is quite stylish without being gaudy or overwhelming and sets an upscale tone that is cool and comfortable. The lounge is exactly as the name implies: Chill.

Anyone asking about breakfast is sure to hear the praises of Brix. The menu includes fabulous classics and a side of “are you sure that goes together” out of the park originals- like the pear omelet. “What's so crazy about a pear/bacon/arugula/goat cheese omelet? Crazy amazing flavor that's what.” Sure it’s a combination of flavors that you didn't know existed and sound slightly peculiar but your taste buds will be happy you gave it a go.

Change up the pace and step across town to Blac-N-Bleu Bistro where “comfortable” is just how you feel whether you’re sipping a drink at the bar or chomping on the infamous Blac-N-Bleu Burger at a full table of friends.   There is friendly neighborhood vibe to the restaurant’s atmosphere and the menu is equipped with a tasteful selection of fresh made eats and also includes gluten-free bread.  As best described by one a visitor “Blac-N- Bleu Bistro is anything but ‘snooty’ and is great whether you are in the mood for a scrumptious meal or just a few drinks.” So sip on your favorite cocktail or find a new favorite wine from a nice selection of local offerings. But, if you’re planning a visit during prime dining times, get there quick, the place is a favorite and can fill up fast.  

For those who in need of a bit of familiarity, McMenamins is a classic. It’s iconic, well known, and yet there is more to it than what might expect. The beer is great, the food is solid and the fireplace on the back patio offers a warming glow to the night air. These are great options and will keep you coming back, but the diamond in the rough is the scotch selection. The best in Roseburg, they have an option from nearly every region, you may find your new favorite.

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The dining experience in Roseburg presents a more personal touch that goes beyond good service and hospitality. While dining at several places you’ll find the added bonus of having the restaurant owner actually engaged, chatting it up with guests and ensuring that the flavor is good and the entire experience is enjoyable. 

With atmospheres that welcome and top notch cuisines, these destinations are a must for inquisitive foodies. So, get a room, bring your appetite and enjoy the local restaurants, brew pubs and wineries in Roseburg.