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Kaua’i, O’ahi and Maui all have thriving art scenes.

Presented by March 18, 2016

Every Friday night, Kaua‘i’s “biggest little town” hosts Art Night in Hanapēpē, with food trucks, gallery events, and live music. Stroll through this historic town, which has more than 15 art galleries, to mingle with the local artists and enjoy the quaint, Old West-feeling.Makawao is smack in the middle of paniolo (cowboy) county in Upcountry Maui, yet it has a thriving arts scene. Explore galleries and boutiques, and visit the Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center, which has ongoing exhibitions and art events. 

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O‘ahu has several art destinations of note. Shangri La was once the private estate of Doris Duke, and features a dazzling collection of Islamic art and an equally breathtaking view of the coast; it’s open for tours via the Honolulu Museum of Art. Located downtown, the Honolulu Museum of Art celebrates art from Hawaiian, Chinese, American, Japanese, European, Korean and other cultures. Yet another “wing” of the museum, the Spalding House, is worth the drive up into Makiki Heights. You’ll find splendid views of Diamond Head and the city of Honolulu, peaceful gardens, and galleries filled with contemporary art.