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For the Cultural Family

The native Hawaiian culture is rich and offers much in the way of music, visual arts and dance.

Presented by March 18, 2016

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A visit to the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum on O‘ahu is a good way to get an overview of Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultures. It’s the biggest museum in the state and houses literally millions of artifacts. The Merrie Monarch Festival, the world’s preeminent hula celebration, is held each spring in Hilo. This year it will be March 27 to April 2nd. Tickets for the hula competition sell out long in advance, but the festival is televised, and if you happen to be in Hilo during the festival, you’ll find plenty of other events you can attend, such as parades and an arts fair. 

Many resorts offer children and adults ’ukulele lessons, which is a fun way to get to know a unique Island sound. But if you happen to be visiting in July, you’re in luck: the annualUkulele Festival Hawai‘i has events on O‘ahu, Hawaii Island, Maui and Kaua‘i. Music swirls over the monkeypod trees as entire ’ukulele orchestras take to the stage, and there are food booths, displays and lessons, as well. 

With so many choices of activities in the Islands—from hiking a crater to plucking an instrument, you’re bound to find something that is the perfect fit for the perfect family... yours!