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Four Items To Own For Spring

Spring trends are hitting the retail floor while rain and chilly temperatures greet us at the door. Here are some wardrobe must-haves to help you look your most spring stylish but still be weather appropriate.

Presented by March 29, 2016

The Mule

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For work or casual, the mule silhouette is on point for our temperamental weather needs. The covered toe makes this style of shoe effective for rain showers while the exposed heel lets your outfit admirers know, you’re fit for the season.

  • The pump- For the office try the mule pump to contemporize your suit dress or ankle length trousers. Be care of pairing this style with a full-length pant, you want to avoid your hemline tucking under your heel.
  • The bootie- The mule bootie is great choice to invest in for spring, they go well with your skinny jeans and will also give your skirts and dresses an edgier feel. This style doesn’t work with tights so be sure to layer up top for warmth.
  • The flat- For those of you on-the-go or who cannot pull off a heel, the mule flat is a great way to show your style prowess while maintaining the function of your lifestyle requirements. Pair with your skinny jeans or even with a fun floral dress and your go-to denim jacket.

Lightweight jackets (plural)

Img 1248 abokbx

Spring days can bring warm sunshine followed by cold and windy showers requiring us to be prepared for anything. I always recommend owning as many jackets as your wallet will allow for they can dress up or dress down any ensemble you coordinate. Not to mention they’ll keep you warmer during one of those unexpected drops in temperature. 

  • Denim- The denim jacket is a classic and key piece to own. You don’t necessarily have to go classic blue either. White, black or grey denim can get you just as far. You can usually pair a denim jacket over just about anything to make it daytime appropriate.
  • Surplus- The army or surplus jacket is another standard to have ready in your wardrobe. Be sure you’re choosing the right green for your skin tone and you do your best to buy a silhouette that skims your frame, complimenting your shape. Avoid big and baggy.
  • The soft trench- This season the soft trench is super hot and the style will have longevity in your wardrobe as long as you choose a color and silhouette that flatter you and what you already own. This jacket is great to pair for a night out or over jeans to hit the grocery store. 


Img 1250 sylmfb

Color can be the most powerful of elements you have for your wardrobe. It can enhance your natural beauty and also set a mood for both you and whomever you come into contact. If you find color intimidating, ease into it with an accessory such as a necklace or handbag.

  • Light and airy- The soft airy tones of spring are a vast contrast to the heavy darks of winter but the beauty is, they pair perfectly together making the transition seamless. Pair a light blue sweater with your black trousers or a rose pink with your grey skinny denims.
  • Punch of color- If the passiveness of pastels doesn’t work for you then get feisty with the fiesta reds and marine blues you’ll find at your favorite boutique. Vivacious colors such as these can reinvigorate your feeling of stagnant style. Ease into powerful colors such as these by using them in an accessory like a necklace or handbag.


Img 1249 ssczlg

Don’t be blinded by that bright light pour down on you, instead be fashionably prepared with a new pair, or two, of sunglasses. Don’t forget that sunglasses should be functional of course, but there’s an opportunity here to be stylish as well.

  • Pink- Not only are you seeing pink everywhere in apparel but also pink has made it’s way to eyewear. You can find a variety of styles and shapes that will flatter your face shape in shades from rose gold to electric pink. 
  • Aviator- Aviator are one of the most popular eyewear styles purchased, it’s also the most flattering to most face shapes. You just have to be sure your fit your size. If you have a small face then find a small aviator. The right fit of aviator will not rise when your smile your biggest ear-to-ear grin.  

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