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Top 10 Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

Homeowners predicted to gravitate toward clean lines and harmonious interiors this year. Neil Kelly designers share their expertise during a four-week workshop series in March.

Presented by March 14, 2016

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Neil Kelly Company, a certified benefit company (B Corporation) and award-winning design-build remodeling firm, announces its Top 10 interior design and remodeling trends for 2016.

Trend #1Choreographed Simplicity

Emphasizing clean lines and harmony, choreographed simplicity involves complex design challenges to achieve a simplistic look. “Homeowners want to feel inspired by their surroundings when they are at home, but also want to feel relaxed. The focus on simplicity and a clean integrated space creates a style which inspires homeowners toward natural sense of harmony and a sense of nature.”
– Kristine Levernois, Design Consultant, Lake Oswego, OR


Trend #2 Playing with Texture vs Color

“Our daily lives are filled with stimulants, too many at times (emails, texts, technology-all needing a quick response) so we are turning to our homes for a calm, soothing atmosphere. Instead of vibrant or contrasting colors, we are seeing more subdued colors. We are enjoying and playing with texture, repetition, and pattern.” –Janel Campbell, Design Consultant, Lake Oswego, OR

Trend #3 Gold is Back

“There was a need for something new that wasn’t just chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. The variety of gold finishes offered allows designers to use gold in both contemporary and rustic, traditional designs. Gold brings a “richness” that was lacking before. Don’t go overboard with gold, but use it in small doses like plumbing fixtures, lighting, and accessories to bring the most impact to your space.” -Elicia Pyle, Design Associate, Bend, OR

Trend #4 Beer Taps in Kitchens

“Craft brewing is the fastest growing beer segment in the U.S. Pouring a cold, frothy brew from your own beer tap is like opening your best wine from the cellar. This trend is here to stay.” –Paul Haigh, Design Consultant, Bend, OR

Trend #5 Geometric Designs in Tile

“The timeless beauty of natural stones is showing up in new and innovative patterns lending a completely fresh take on age old materials. The technology to accomplish exquisite cuts and finely fitted stones into gorgeous patterns will not likely be gone soon. Age old patterns such as arabesque, herringbone and chevron patterns are experiencing a resurgence.” –Karen Richmond, Design Consultant, Portland, OR

Trend #6 Bringing the Outdoors In

“Homeowners want a clean, contemporary feel and the connection with natural elements. Integrating living plants, more sunlight, and natural rock and wood materials provides a wabi sabi style. This trend also supports biophilic design, which is based on the theory of ‘biophilia’ which contends that people’s health and well-being has a biologically based need to affiliate with nature.” –Kristine Levernois, Design Consultant, Lake Oswego, OR


Trend #7 Softened Geometry

“Being mindful of how our physical space affects us can have a positive and deep effect on our lives. Our instinctual wiring is drawn to softened geometry and spaces with curves and soft edges.” — Suzie Atkin, Design Consultant Lake Oswego, OR

Trend #8 Tech Top Surface Charging Station

The technology trend is here to stay. But the cluttered cables and cords are out. You actually don’t even need to plug in your phone anymore. Neil Kelly designers love the Tech Top embedded surface technology for wireless charging by LG Hausys. Simply set your phone on the charging surface and enjoy the benefits of wireless charging.

Trend #9 Quality vs Quantity

“Less is more, especially if it’s custom-made by a local artisan. Homeowners want to personalize their space with that one “bespoke” feature to reflect their unique personalities and tastes. Whether it is a custom tile accent, an artisan created accessory, or a one-of-a-kind light fixture, it’s the one thing they can look at every day and be reminded of their personal stamp on the room.” –Kathleen Donohue, Design Consultant, Bend, OR


Trend #10 Creative Uses for LED Lighting

“Baths are taking on a new sense of relaxation. Showers are being designed with a flair for luxury versus utilitarian use, and LED lights are a popular and environmentally friendly way of adding ambiance to the showering experience.” –Randi Reed, Portland, OR 

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