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Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design

You spend most of your home life in the kitchen, so it needs to be a space that inspires the chef but can handle all the chaos and creativity your kids can dish out. Here are 3 thoughtful ways to synthesize style and family friendly function.

Presented by April 18, 2016

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Design

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The custom island for this Rose City kitchen renovation integrates cookbook storage and seating space. Kitchen designed by Arciform Senior Designer Kristyn Bester. Photo by Photo Art Portraits.

You spend most of your home life in the kitchen, so it needs to be a space that inspires the chef but can handle all the chaos and creativity your kids can dish out. Do you have to sacrifice beautiful design in order to have a kitchen that really works for your whole family? Absolutely not. Here are 3 thoughtful ways to synthesize sophisticated style and family friendly function into the heart of your home.

1. Seat them with Style

Encourage closer ties with your kids by creating convenient spaces for them to do their homework, work on a project or just hang out while you prep for dinner. A long bench, integrated breakfast nook or an island with built in seating can keep family and furry friends close but not in the way.

Guitteau 1929 kitchen nook a 2 w pro tqlv2o

This Eastmoreland kitchen features a light filled nook that even has a special spot for the family dog. Designed by Arciform Principal Designer Anne De Wolf. Photo by Photo Art Portraits..

If you are pinched for space, rolling carts can serve as islands that easily stow out of the way. Consider collapsible or retractable counters in your nook or island – these can tuck out of the way when not being used for seating.

2. Give them Easier Access

Runyon 1928 kitchen a w pro   36  jxjund

This full height pantry tucks under the stairs. Integrated pull drawers offer snacks in easy reach for small hands. Designed by Arciform Senior Designer Kristyn Bester, photo by Photo Art Portraits.

Having a pantry that is kid-accessible will make it easier for your little ones to be self-sufficient and will provide ample storage. Pull drawers put everything at eye-level.

Refrigerator and microwave drawers can be placed below countertop level in a bank of cabinets or an island, empowering kids to take control of their own lunches and snacks.

3. Keep it Easy to Clean

Glass 1949 kitchen a 1 w pro mdmwjn

 The floors, counters and appliances in this West Hills kitchen were chosen for durability and ease. Under counter microwave drawers make after school snacks a snap. Design by Arciform Senior Designer Chelly Wentworth. Photo by Photo Art Portraits.

Do you want to spend your life cleaning or creating great family memories? Fuss-free finishes for your counters, appliances and cabinetry will cut down on the chore list for everyone.

Here are some family friendly finishes to consider for each surface in the kitchen:

  • Counters. Your most durable countertop options are Quartz, Corian and Swanstone. They require little maintenance and largely resistant to staining, scratches and heat. Granite is another good option – when sealed properly your counters can be non-porous as well as heat-resistant.
  • Flooring. When it comes to flooring options, selecting a hardwood or durable large-format ceramic/porcelain tile will serve you well. A wood floor is warm, can be refinished and is somewhat impact-resistant. Spills are easy to clean on a tile floor and resist damage if an excited kid “forgets” to clean up right away.
  • Appliances take up a large amount of surface space in your kitchen and put smudges right at eye level. Stainless steel looks great but will show fingerprints. Some stainless steel finish options resist marks more than others – Frigidaire’s “Smudge Proof” for example. Ask your appliance dealer to steer you towards easier to clean options.

These are just a few considerations when designing a home for the needs of your growing family. Ready to learn more? Join Arciform May 18th for a one hour design inspiration workshop: Designed for Your Growing Family – Get the details and RSVP here.

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