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Innovative Deliciousness Crossing with Traditional Favorites

Around-the-World inspired additions now debuting at Pearl District Famed Sushi Spot

Presented by May 25, 2016

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Portland is growing, expanding, and changing as is Sinju Sushi, the Pearl District’s cornerstone establishment and world class sushi restaurant. Though Sinju remains fiercely dedicated to its homemade inspiration in the kitchen, it has answered the call for innovative ingredients. Sinju Sushi has been working on creative and delicious additions and changes, and with summer coming in full swing, Sinju Sushi is now boasting a creative array of new menu items.

For example, aside from their traditional array of fresh fish, the sushi bar is offering oysters on the half shell and oyster shooters.  Perhaps even more exciting than the offerings of Quilence, Kumamoto and Diamond Point oysters is the array of garnishes and sauces that accompany them.

Beyond the the traditional house made ponzu, the oyster shooter is served with a lychee-infused granita (shaved ice), black caviar, and yuzu flavored foam. This combination of flavors offers guests a new level of complexity and an exciting Asian inspired culinary experience. 

Coming from the kitchen, Sinju Sushi offers an expansive menu of cooked items. The Miso Salmon, marinated in miso for two days and then broiled to perfection, is now served on a bed of carefully simmered Forbidden rice on a plate of softly cooked heirloom tomatoes with a garnish of citrus gel and squid ink.

For some heartier options, the traditional meat eater has a chance to try the steak, cooked on the grill with a housemade ginger sauce and served with lightly salted asparagus, then garnished with a vibrant and nutritional red cabbage puree, which is cooked with red wine, then blended with vinegar, mustard and spices to keep it at perfection. Everyone at the table will be enjoying their own unique dining experience.

This pearl of a restaurant nestled in the heart of Portland is a must try summer experience with their amazing food additions and modifications to the traditional menus. Make sure to grab a seat on the patio, order a drink and enjoy the view of Jameson Park. Sinju Sushi are excited to share their new menu ideas and traditional favorites this coming season. 

For more info visit: sinjurestaurant.com