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The Price Of Success: How Successful Singles Are Finding Love In The 21st Century

How are the affluent finding love? It’s not Tinder! Learn more about the next, new modern approach to healthy and happy relationships.

Presented by August 25, 2016

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Everyone seeks success, but there are sometimes unintended consequences, and having a difficult time finding the right partner can be one of them.

When you are prominently known in your community or industry, spreading a wide net via internet dating can put you in an unwanted spotlight that draws attention to you and your personal life. Add to that the fact that busy professionals just don’t have time to sort through potential partners and it can be downright exasperating. 

As a solution, many successful men and women are now turning toward matchmakers who blend old-fashioned, character-driven matchmaking with modern communications and technology.

Unlike a dating service, you don’t simply fill out an online profile that lists your interests and then scroll through a virtually anonymous listing of people who match your profile on some minimal number of likes, interests or needs. Instead, you are enlisting the help of a relationship expert with broad connections to eligible singles all across the country. 

With matchmaking firms, clients get an individual consultant who works with them confidentially to tease out the juice of their personality, life goals, and genuine desires. The matchmaker then works on their behalf to find the rarest, most passionate love based on their personality and tastes.

Lasting Connections is the country’s leading matchmaker for elite professionals, serving clients with offices in Portland, Houston and New York City. Owner Sameera Sullivan works closely with her clients to deliver a selection of carefully curated candidates. She digs deep into potential partners by conducting background and reference checks to verify income, single status, and character.

What types of men use Lasting Connections? 

The man who chooses to use Lasting Connections has found great success in business, and also has the freedom to travel and enjoy the rewards of his labors. However when it comes to finding a partner, he’s found himself in need of resources with great discretion. His elite matchmaker will be available to respond to his input at every step of the process to make sure he and his potential partner are looking for the same things: character, experience, personality, interests, and integrity.

Meet our Bachelors! 

Lasting Connections is currently working with several bachelors in the Portland area and seeking matches for them. Please read on to meet our bachelors and contact us ([email protected]) if you think you might be a fit for one of them. 

Bachelor #1 is in his mid-50's, very well educated, cultured, and a world traveler with a lot of unusual life experiences. He's environmentally conscious, and politically progressive; also a kid at heart, physically active, and a very passionate and authentic man. He’s after a woman of substance, proud of her accomplishments and happy in her life, yet with the same desire to build a lasting relationship. He seeks a woman who is smart, slender, sensual, and beautiful in a natural way; compassionate, creative, giving, and active. She loves learning, adventure, and travel, and is above all kind, communicative, and down to earth.

Bachelor #2 is a family man who lives a healthy and fit lifestyle in his early 60's. This 6’2, incredibly handsome real estate investor had worked as a top executive for a Fortune 500 company previously. He loves the Mountains and enjoys hiking, running, and spending time out by the pool in Palm Springs. He ls looking for a woman who also lives a healthy life, is kind, nurturing and is between the ages of 48-57.

Bachelor #3 is in his mid to late 50’s. This soul searcher is an established and successful member of the medical community. Well-traveled and cultured, he is looking for a woman who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, loves to travel and have fun, enjoys live music, and cooking dinner at home or spending a night on the town. A father, his children are grown and not living at home. He is a world traveler with a thirst for exploring different cultures. A fun weekend might include flying to other cities for a quick weekend away or going to a Portland Trail Blazer game. His ideal match will be active and ready to join him on hikes, bike rides, fishing or indulge in water sports.

If any of these candidates interest you, please contact Sameera Sullivan at: [email protected] or visit www.lastingconnections.net for more information.