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Home is What You Create

When an art form is formatted to be mass produced, something has to go. We feel it’s best when the raw talent of modern furniture designers is preserved the way they intended their pieces to be enjoyed.

Presented by September 27, 2016

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We’ve all heard it before, that guy/gal at the bar boasting about seeing that one band before they started filling massive sports arenas. It’s a typical Portland conversation when you have a music scene as lively as ours, but take a moment to think about it. If you were given the choice to see your favorite band at the Crystal Ballroom or at a massive sports arena, you’d choose the Crystal right? While arena concerts are often lively and energetic, watching a performance on a jumbotron from the nosebleeds lacks a certain intimacy that smaller venues provide. Our point? When an art form is formatted to be mass produced, something has to go. Some detail, quality or sense of experience is usually left in the dust. We feel it’s best when the raw talent of musicians, artists and in our case, modern furniture designers, is preserved the way they intended their pieces to be enjoyed.

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Often times national buyers and major furniture chains will order bulk quantities of furniture but ask suppliers to alter their creations. Imagine if you were a designer that spent months perfecting a piece of furniture with meticulous precision and the finest materials, only to have a big national chain ask you to change it so they can call it their own. Aggravating, isn’t it? At Hip we do things a bit differently. We’ve spent 20 years cultivating relationships with some of the most innovative modern furniture suppliers worldwide. We receive the very first shipments of new pieces and often we pre-order new furniture lines before they’ve hit stores. We like to joke that we have the newest trends even before they become trends. The payoff? Fresh designs, 100% true to the original designers concept, on the floor and ready for viewing or purchase by our local visitors. 

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Maybe it’s the individualistic, pioneering spirit thats’ engrained in our DNA, but Portlanders don’t want a mass produced, cookie-cutter home. We understand that home is what you create, not necessarily what you purchase. Our passion for modern design stems from the fact that furniture, as a part of your home, facilitates your way of living. Not only do we carry cutting edge brands like Natuzzi, Gus* and Calligaris, but we offer many customization options for the pieces you love. When you’re planning out the design of your living space we offer a wide range of colors, textures, fabrics, and finishes. We want to make sure that no living space is exactly alike and our personalization process is a great way to contribute to the uniqueness of your space. We invite you to call, email, or stop by our store to talk with our staff of designers to create a piece customized to your exact needs.

When creating and designing your living space, you need to have a vision. An overarching goal or idea of what you want to achieve. Our northwest location is laid out to inspire and help you find that vision. The spacious showroom allows you to browse our vivid catalogue of furniture up close as well as from the lofty perspective of our overlooking mezzanine area. Not only that but our team of designers are dedicated to helping you achieve the living space you’ve always wanted. 

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When you combine the world’s leading modern furniture brands, the ability to customize to fit your needs, an elegant showroom to visualize your space, and the drive to help you create a living space that inspires, the result is Hip. We look forward to seeing you at our showroom! Let’s create something inspiring together!