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Welcome to The Society

A new hospitality design collective steps into the spotlight.

Presented by October 10, 2016

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The Society is an audaciously independent hospitality design collective committed to creating bold experiences for developers and guests of unique and innovative hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Its team of interior designers, brand strategists, and architects are based in Portland and Seattle, and will work with clients across the United States. 

“We designed The Society to be daring, obsessive, experimental, and boundless. We have a group of people who are all amazingly creative, looking to channel their energies into a single focus. The clients we’ll work with are bold enough to push the edge of design, and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Karen Bowery, a.k.a The Duchess of Mischief, who will lead the group.

All great societies start with a simple idea and are destined to attract new followers, and that’s what the name The Society is intended to convey. It holds the imprint of luxury and exclusivity in one hand, with the creatively mischievous personalities of its members in the other. It started small, but has aspirations to evolve into a movement, with clients, designers, and great ideas all invited to join in.

Along with the name, The Society itself is designed to be different. A dedicated team of passionate professionals who bring with them a diverse portfolio of hospitality expertise will organize itself as a collective around a common creative cause that recognizes the exponential power of the team. And, with a singular focus on hospitality, it aims to both expand into new frontiers in the sector and serve as a curator of forward-looking ideas that influence all aspects of design. 

“The Society is the start of something big,” continued Bowery. “We put together a team that passionately lives, breathes, and inspires great hospitality. Our collective strength lies in both the depth and breadth of our knowledge and the individual voices and talents. The work we’ve already done to fashion this brand, make strategic hires, and start creating experiences with a select set of ambitious and like-minded clients is a testament to the strength of the group and truly a sign of a great society ahead.” 

To find out more, check out The Society’s website at www.welcometothesociety.com, and follow on social media on Instagram and Twitter (both @whythebunny), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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