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5 Washington Wines for Everyday Situations

Wine is the perfect addition to all of life’s momentous (and not-so-momentous) occasions. We’ve picked the best Washington wines for every situation—from your next family holiday to your next cleaning spree.

Presented by Taste Washington February 20, 2017

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Wine can enhance good times spent with loved ones, and can, arguably, make even the most mundane tasks a little more bearable. Below is a quick list of fun and not-so-fun moments where the perfect Washington wine comes to the rescue.

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Best wine for opening mail: Milbrandt Vineyards The Estates Evergreen Chardonnay

In this day and age, even grandparents pay their bills online (bonus points for monthly auto-deduct!), but there will always be some mail of the non-electronic variety. Maybe that cable bill password reset never works or your aunt in the Midwest just loves sending you hand-written letters. Either way, a glass of Milbrandt Vineyards The Estates Evergreen Chardonnay will liven up your pen and your spirits. With light fruit through the nose, and apple with hints of vanilla on the tongue, it just helps that letter opener riiiiiiip through those envelopes. Plus it’s reasonably priced—you need funds to pay those bills, after all.

Best patio wine on a sunny, summer day: Doubleback Healy Rosé

It’s one of those hot, HOT days. The news just aired that segment about long lines of people at Home Depot waiting for A/C units. And driving around in your car with the A/C blasting is frowned upon. What to do? Embrace it! Don that sundress or linen shirt, call your friends and head outside. And if you’re serving ceviche and oysters, you need a bottle of Doubleback’s Healy Rosé to go with it. Bright, crisp acidity with notes of grapefruit and melon, it’s perfect for this heat, which suddenly isn’t so bad after all. Wine fixes everything.

Best wine for Thanksgiving with the ENTIRE family, including Uncle Larry, who won’t stop calling you “kiddo:” L’Ecole No. 41 Luminesce White Bordeaux Blend

Today is going to be great. A positive outlook is sure to elicit a positive outcome, right? The table is set, the bird’s in the oven and the stuffing is perfection. The whole family is coming for Thanksgiving dinner, even Uncle Larry all the way from Cleveland…what a dear. A few bottles of L’Ecole No. 41 Luminesce White Bordeaux Blend are apropos for this holiday situation: The whole family loves it (even Uncle Larry) and with a light amount of oak, minerality and just the right amount of acidity, it’ll cut through all that gravy. Cheers!

Best wine for getting ready with friends: Treveri Cellars Brut Blanc de Blancs

It’s Friday night and, miraculously, you have a surplus of energy after such a long week. Far gone are the college days of boundless energy after only four hours of sleep. But tonight there’s a new spot downtown you have to check out and getting ready with friends is half the fun. Tunes? Check. Wine? Check. Red is a personal favorite, but you can’t start the night with blue teeth after all. Instead, start off your evening on a festive note with Treveri Cellars Brut Blanc de Blancs, s’il vous plait. This well-balanced bubbly has hints of green apple and a cool, crisp finish that’ll get your night off to a sparkling start!

Best wine while cleaning the house (does NOT necessarily pair well with Lysol): Sparkman Cellars Ruckus Syrah

Did that dust bunny actually scamper past the doorway? The house isn’t that dirty, is it? Ah well, it’s time to clean. The vacuum might be out of bags and the cupboard fresh out of Windex, but at least there’s a supply of wine. And Sparkman Cellars Ruckus Syrah is the one for the job. This Red Mountain gem has blackberry aromas, subtle fruit notes on the tongue, and a structure conducive for aging, if you have the willpower to wait. Normally you’d reserve it for special occasions, but let’s be honest: cleaning the house usually only happens twice a year, so that should count.

Wine is the perfect addition for all of life’s momentous (and mundane) situations. Discover the best wine for your next family holiday (or house cleaning session) at Taste Washington, where you’ll sample pours from more than 300 of Washington State’s top wineries. Tickets are on sale now at tastewashington.org.