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Nine Ways to Experience Modern Northwest Living

AIA Portland’s 2017 Homes Tour – Nine Lives - showcases excellent design in housing at all scales.

Presented by AIA Portland March 27, 2017

The AIA Portland Homes Tour has been a favorite annual event for Portlanders since its inception in 2009. As the only homes tour that presents residential projects designed exclusively by AIA Portland member architects, visitors are treated to a first-hand experience of some of the most creative and thoughtfully conceived residences in the Pacific Northwest.

Architect Web Wilson, AIA, who co-chaired the tour with architect Cornell Andersen, AIA, this year, notices an interesting trend. “As Portland becomes more cosmopolitan, our architecture is becoming more unabashedly modern,” states Web. “Clean, modern edges remain tempered, however, by regional materials and strong site response.”

The 2017 Tour, Nine Lives, includes nine unique living environments across seven distinct sites in the Portland metro area:

  1. Prospect Residence
Prospect drive tfuh0r

 Architect: John Weil Architecture PC

Contractor: Rainier Pacific

This is a ground up new residence on a steep site with expansive views of downtown Portland. The exterior volumes of the house are organized as three primary orders with a floating, outer “wrapper” that focuses views and dissolves into screening elements creating a lantern effect.

“The experience (working with the client) was great. We developed a shared vision for the project early on.  The owner travels quite a bit so he wanted low maintenance and had a number of specific features based on some of his favorite places to stay.”

-John Weil, AIA   

  1. Seid Residence
Seid xdw7as

 Architect: Paul McKean, AIA

Contractor: Taylor Morrow

This residence is a 1600 SF addition to a very modest 700 SF existing home.

“I love the size of this house and how it’s suited so well for the owners. The size also sits nicely on a standard Portland lot of 50’ x100’.”

-Paul McKean, AIA

  1. MW House
Mw house eckert   eckert photography hrircw

 Architect: Lisa McClellan, AIA and Hunter Williams

Contractor: Hunter Williams

MW House is a custom, high performance, Pacific Northwest modern home designed to optimize envelope performance and to complement the context of the neighborhood while maximizing natural light and the connection to the outdoors.

“Our design goal was to create a house that fit into the neighborhood in terms of form and scale, but was also a distinctly modern home - with high goals for energy performance.

With a modest budget in mind…we knew we had a challenge on our hands.”

-Lisa McClellan, AIA and Hunter Williams

  1. Treehouse
Treehouse lara swimmer nhhiqu

Image: Lara Swimmer

 Architect: LEVER Architecture

Contractor: Walsh Construction

Treehouse is a 7-story, 69-unit, multi-family apartment building located on a steep forested site. The project program provides housing for nearby medical staff, students, and affiliates who are interested in a live/work/no-commute lifestyle, as well as a new retail destination on the ground floor. 

“The façade of the building is inspired by the textures and light of the forest with an intentional variety that gives it a dynamic quality that changes through movement along and around it and with the time of day.”

-LEVER Architecture

  1. Solos Skinny House & ADU
Solos zhssrw

 Architect: Fieldwork

Contractor: Tieton Built

A single-family home and accessory dwelling unit on a narrow lot in one of Portland’s urban, but intimate neighborhoods feature open living plans with floor to ceiling windows and custom casework. These homes relate to the general direction of housing in Portland by supporting the move towards greater density while respecting a single-family neighborhood scale. 

  1. Hayashi
Hayashi shawn records keb4el

Image: Shawn Records

 Architect: Hacker

Contractor: Walsh Construction

The Hayashi Townhomes provide urban density in a vibrant and growing neighborhood. The project is an investigation into three distinct unit concepts, each supporting a different type of resident but all expressing the importance of natural light, textural materials, and connection to the outdoors and neighborhood.

  1. Bowstring Truss & Overton 19
Bowstring joshua jay elliot gopa71

 Architect: Works Progress Architecture

Contractor: Dan Tankersley Construction

Bowstring Truss is a private residence and studio adapted from a 5,000 SF former warehouse and awning fabricator's shop. The light filled space is clear-spanned by a series of four bowstring trusses and exposed roof framing.

Its neighbor, Overton 19, is a carefully curated stand of eight functionally adaptable rental units that respond to its urban condition at the intersection of a major commercial arterial.

Overton19 joshua jay elliot u5pdp6

 Come join us on Saturday, April 29th and experience these truly exceptional homes designed by some of Portland’s most creative architects!


Robert Hoffman, AIA

Executive Director

AIA Portland

Visit aiaportland.org for tickets.