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Hopsy - Delivering Brewery Fresh Beer from the BEST California Breweries

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Presented by Hopsy June 7, 2017

Hopsy growler 4pack rasvjy

 Hopsy is finally here...and they've brought beer. Hopsy, began in late 2015 with a mission to bring brewery-fresh growlers of beer to all. Partnering with award winning breweries from both the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego, Hopsy delivers fresh 32oz growlers of craft beer - filled right at the brewery. Delivered cold AND fresh - Hopsy has expanded outside of California for the first time! Be the first to try Hopsy with this exlusive offer - 50% off + FREE Delivery on a curated 4-pack of growlers from Hopsy. From IPAs and stouts, to seasonals and more - Taste the very best Hopsy has to offer.

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