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Parachute Brings Premium Quality Bedding to Portland

With an emphasis on craftsmanship, comfort, and sustainability, the Cali-based start-up is shaking up the bedding industry.

Presented by Parachute Home July 26, 2017

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Shop Parachute's home essentials at their new Portland store.

Inspired by a dreamy night’s sleep in luxurious sheets during a visit to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Ariel Kaye returned to the U.S. unable to find bedding that lived up to her newfound standards of comfort and craftsmanship––and affordability. You’re probably familiar with the feeling: you don’t want to break the bank with expensive designer sheets, so you settle for cheaper brands, which are either scratchy, unattractive, or chemically processed. But after her Italian sojourn, Kaye resolved to provide sheets that were responsibly manufactured and didn’t require a down payment. In 2014, Parachute was born. Today, the company crafts textiles to use throughout the home, from pillows and duvets to bath towels, tablecloths, and baby swaddles.

If we spend a third of our lives in bed, why shouldn’t we give our sheets the same careful consideration we give to the food we put in our bodies or the skincare products we put on our faces? But it’s not often that we know precisely where our bedding is manufactured. To ensure Parachute’s standards of quality craftsmanship, Kaye specifically sought out the best artisans and textile manufacturers from around the world. Parachute’s sheets are crafted in a family-owned factory in Portugal that has been producing textiles since the 1940s, and its down (and down alternative) products are made right here in the States—in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

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Unwind in Parachute's Linen Bedding.

And although Parachute’s products are high quality, you don’t have to shell out a fortune for them. The company delivers most orders directly to consumers through their online shop, cutting out the costs associated with stocking their products in stores. But as of June 2017, Portlanders can feel for themselves just how soft Parachute’s Turkish cotton bath towels are at the company’s new brick-and-mortar outpost, located in Nob Hill at 820 NW 23rd Ave. Local designer Jessica Helgerson even helped integrate Parachute’s minimal aesthetic throughout the shop, complete with soft white lighting, natural fibers, and lush green plants.

When it comes to design, Parachute focuses on creating an elegant yet unstuffy product—you can choose from timeless styles that will last for years and not feel dated. Fabrics and colors are meant to complement each other, perfect for mixing and matching. Thoughtful details, like the envelope-style closure of the pillowcases and corner ties inside the duvet covers, make Parachute’s products stand out from most basic bedding. And while many bedding companies artificially soften their products with chemicals, Parachute uses high-quality materials from the start (like long-staple Egyptian cotton and pure European flax) and doesn’t synthetically alter their fabrics during production. Their bedding is also Oeko-Tex certified, a globally-recognized standard for rating environmentally friendly and nontoxic textiles.

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Parachute recently introduced a line of Baby Bedding.

Our favorite detail? The reusable cloth bag that holds pillowcases and sheets, made from the same fabric you select for your sheets. It’s another simple touch that makes Parachute feel like a true luxury brand, with a friendlier price tag.

Find more information about Parachute at parachutehome.com, or by visiting the Portland location at 820 NW 23rd Ave.

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